Fraudulent scheme "lost and found"

The scheme applies to people who either lost (wallet, license, registration, or even Pets). Scammers are calling the number in the ad and trying to find out first, more details of loss (documents for example), to fish out the information in all sorts of ways, from social networks, database, passports or even your friends. Then  call from another number and convince you that you have found your documents and ask, or then transfer money to the account. No documents have  of course not. 

Quote from the letter of the user

this morning filed an announcement of a missing cat on your web-site, in the afternoon a man called me, said he found my cat, told all his signs, then another mobile called another man said, I will be there I will bring my cat, I waited. After a couple minutes I got a call from this same man and asked if I had the money, I replied that is, after he said cash he doesn't need and to I them he somewhere moved. To this I replied that while you will not see any money. He said that in this case, sell my cat. At this point I ended the conversation. Sure it's scammers trying to pull money, even resorting to blackmail.

Methods of struggle 

Such fraud is difficult to prosecute, but they can complicate the activities! To do this, in the moment, , when the scammer asks you to send money , agree with him and ask him what the score need to be translated and what payment system. Then just contact the customer support of the payment system(or phone operator) and complain. And when such complaints will be few, they most likely block this account. Best act of the formal written complaint.