30 Nov 07:07
Price 1 000 ₽
Category Legal services
Contacts pa-sovetnik.ru

Lipetsk, Lipetsk Oblast, Russia

Экспертная организация предлагает квалифицированную юридическую помощь:
- купля-продажа (оформление договоров, сопровождение сделок, обмен, дарение);
- приватизация;
- узаконение перепланировки, пристройки;
- перевод жилого помещения в нежилое, и наоборот;
- регистрация (прописка) в садовом домике, признание садового домика пригодным для постоянного проживания, жилым;
- помощь в реализации материнского капитала;
- помощь в оформлении ипотечного кредитования и др.
The expert organization offers you expert legal assistance:
- purchase and sale (execution of contracts, transaction support, exchange, donation);
- privatization;
- legalization of redevelopment, extension;
- transfer of residential premises to non-residential, and Vice versa;
- registration (registration) in the garden house, recognition of the garden house suitable for permanent residence, residential;
- assistance in the sale of maternity capital;
- assistance in obtaining mortgage loans, etc.
Attention! Beware of scams! the don't trust people offering easy money.

In any case, don't give/transfer their money to unknown individuals requiring a Deposit/down payment, especially those who are asked to transfer money by phone or through the payment system! For example, the phone may be "grey".

If you cheated, immediately let us know feedback showing the ads.
If you already have transferred money to someone's phone number, do not be lazy to refer to the same operator and inform the case, you may be able to recover their funds (don't forget to save your receipts).