Ad is one of the most convenient and simple advertising texts, and this method has been successfully use for many years.

barbaric posted ads Still everywhere in our cities, there are ads pasted on the pillars, doors, doorways, walls, etc., in spite of prohibitions, penalties and the age of the Internet. And I can say with full responsibility - its effectiveness is extremely low. This is only cause irritation.

Want to have your ad has reached its goal? Follow our suggestions below, and success will not pass.

What,where, how much

Before you begin to compose the text of your advertisement, you need to define the problem statement

Additionally you can define the following task , which would help to specify your ad.


It is important to specify the location where will be the process of sale.

Ad type

Specify the type of your ad. The proposal is for goods or services you want to provide. Demand - products or services you want to purchase.
When choosing the type of ads "Sell" - some of the fields "Parameters of category" requires mandatory filling in.


Very important correctly to choose a category for your ad could find the right subject heading. To be most effective, it is important to clarify the theme of your ads and place your ad in the appropriate category.

Category parameters

When choosing some Category (for example cars) , additional parameters become available that will help with search ads among many others.
Fields marked with a red asterisk is mandatory.

Ad text

The main requirement-it should contain the main characteristics of the goods on which customers make a decision about the purchase. Specify in your ad text, the number of goods in stock!


Specify the price. In this field it is possible to drive only a numeric value. If the price is not set, then on the page the ads will be written that the price is negotiable. If necessary, you can specify your price in the "text ads ".

Contact phone and Email

Be sure to specify one of the contacts, or the phone, or email.
The phone number must contain area code. If you want to specify multiple numbers, then write them in the "Additional contacts"
If you enter an Email address, after you will mail a letter with references for possible direct control of your ad without authorization. Your email will be hidden , and the mails will be forwarded via the website.


Adding a photo will create the attractiveness of your ad.

Advanced setting

Additional contact

In this field you can specify any additional contacts, website addresses, etc. For example : "Ask for Bob" or " ".

The period of placement

How long would you like to have your ad displayed on the website? Registered users can choose values from 5 days to 90 days, while 20 and 60 days.

Date of placement

If you want to advertisement was published later - use this option. Registered users can publish with a delay from the 1st day up to 14 days, guests 1 day.

We wish you a good day!